The Kennel  is a music publishing, label, management and production company based in Stockholm, Sweden, established in 2010 by music and entertainment industry veterans Hayden Bell, Iggy Strange Dahl and Pernilla Svanström. Great artists have been formed during the years such as The Veronicas, Conrad Sewell and E^ST to mention a few. The endless passion for developing artists and focusing on the creative process, made the decision of launching The Kennel Recordings easy. 

With many years of combined experience from across the spectrum of the industry, The Kennel Recordings was founded in 2016 - a company that shares a deep passion for music, working and developing artists and an unwavering belief in the opportunities that exist in the future of the business. 

Today, The Kennel Recordings is a boutique record label with a roster consisting of Peg Parnevik, Fox Blanco, Stockholm Noir, cold. CTY, Dog Collective, Tilda Austen, Plastic Messiah, Sid Rosco, and Brooklnn. Truly partnering with our artists to take their music to the global stage and following the mantra established by sister music publishing company, we want to take the best new musical talent “From Sweden To The World”. Remaining small and independent, and always focusing on the creative process is something we value highly.