Stockholm based, Australian born Brooklnn (Brooke Toia) remembers sitting in the back seat of the car and soaking up the voices and melodies of Michael Jackson, TLC and Jennifer Lopez as a child. So began Brooklnn’s lifelong love of music. At age 11, she began learning the piano and started writing her own lyrics. But it wasn't until she was 16, when her music teacher asked her to sing an acoustic version of Rihanna's Umbrella in front of the class and other teachers, that BROOKLNN fell for the thrill of performing to an audience... 

In mid 2015 BROOKLNN began tutorials on music production and singing in cover duo's around Brisbane. Fortunately, at the time Hayden Bell started mentoring her. 4 months later, Hayden and The Kennel, asked BROOKLN to travel to Stockholm and after just one week of writing, she was signed as a writer. 

BROOKLNN released her lively, youthful debut single ‘Brandy’ in the summer of 2017 that currently has over 700.000 streams on Spotify, followed by her second contagious pop/R&B single ”WHIP (Come Over)”. Both songs have astonishing music videos, directed by Jordan Toia. Besides BROOKLNN’s life as an artist, she is also a songwriter and has quickly gained a track record of excellent releases and holds within Scandinavia, Asia, UK and the Latin market. Some of her releases include ”Spell On Me”- Adelén (Sony Scandinavia), ”Wanna Belong”- Favorite Child ft. Erik Rapp (Roxy Recordings) and ”Déjá Vu” – CD9 (Universal Latin America).