cold. CTY 

cold. CTY is the urban artist and producer duo consisting of Andrei Amartinesei and Pontus Petersson. Growing up and existing in a world of Dragon Ball, Looney Tunes and Disney, 90’s R&B and Bubblegum Pop, cold. CTY bring flavorful stories from all angles. Super-commuting between LA and Stockholm as songwriters and producers, and touring the world as musicians have shaped the sound of cold. CTY. While inspired by melodic pop-hooks, cold. CTY are also paying tribute to the modern, hip-hop/R&B- oriented Toronto sound. The duo released their four-track debut EP “Jasmine” on 2nd February 2018. Speaking on the EP, the duo stated: 

”There has to be creative freedom. Sometimes it’s a stream of consciousness, sincere depth but funny too. We create trap, pop and R&B from two sides of the world blended in to one. Musical obsession since forever have eventually manifested itself in this.”

First song “Aeroplane” enlists Tim Curry (Tory Lanez) for production, followed by Chicago rapper Rockie Fresh featuring on “Rococo”. The strong finale of Jasmine, “Back On The Boat” is produced by A-Tripp (writer on Beyoncé’s “Ring Off”). The EP was added to several radio stations in Sweden, got a number of great blog reviews and cold. CTY performed ”Aeroplane” live on East FM: (GÅR DET ATT BAKA IN LÄNKEN I EAST FM?).

Cold. CTY will be back with new music in 2018 and continue writing and producing for other artists as well. Their previous cuts include Peg Parnevik’s EP  ”Don’t Tell Ma” and BROOKLNN’s latest release WHIP (Come Over).