Stockholm Noir 

STOCKHOLM NOIR explore and create a darker side of electronic music that has always been present but never mentioned, and was formed during the 8-month winter darkness in Sweden. The anonymous collective experiment with dynamic sounds and effects which have resulted in a characteristic and melancholic style of the electronic genre. Stockholm Noir brand themselves through making club-friendly anthems with a veritable slew of credited features such as Australian Peta & The Wolves and Ofelia.

The group have been dropping singles and instrumentals since April 2017 and quickly gained interest in numerous blogs, playlists and several influential channels across the world. Debut single "Hopeless Dreams" quickly reached 200,000 streams and entered the global viral-list on Spotify within a week of release. Self-named  ”Black Shadow of electronic music” has been present in for instance Pop Justice, The Vibe Guide, High Clouds and Swedish radio channel P3. The very cinematic and grandiose characteristics of Stockholm Noir's music have given them impressive features in big Swedish series such as "Gåsmamman 3", and ”Jordskott 2".