Tilda Austen 

Swedish singer and songwriter Tilda Austen already had a characteristic voice at the very tender age of 3. She wrote her first song when she was 9 and was offered a record deal at the age of 12. Despite her young age of 16, Tilda is fearless, passionate and has a clear view of what she stands for and wants in life. For the past four years, Tilda has been busy figuring out her sound in the studio, early mornings before school. At school, the focus is on singing and songwriting as well since she is studying at Rytmus Music School in Stockholm. After a couple of years of hard work in sessions with many top-tier songwriters and producers, Tilda Austen will release her first singles in 2018, with One Thing being her debut single.

“One Thing is an angry love song about how tiring it is to patiently wait for a person to love you back. The song is about longing for someone to take initiative and show real emotions instead of leading you on for the wrong reasons. That nagging feeling of being capable to do almost everything for a person but deep down in your mind, it is clear that he or she doesn’t feel the same way. The frustration is noticeable lyric-wise, while the melodies are filled with energy, turning One Thing into a strong, powerful but happy song.“

With many songs on hand, the future is bright for Tilda. 3 singles are planned in 2018, rolling into a longer-form release in 2019.